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About Us. 

Baby Lion Studios is an independent production company based out of Los Angeles by way of Austin, TX. Founded by filmmakers and comedians Stephanie Thoreson and Adam Protextor, we're focused on creating content that represents the comedy and music communities we belong to and the artists and pop culture we love.




Baby Lion Studios is teaming up with an all-star roster of some of the biggest names in Austin comedy and film to create the new sitcom project Wind-Ups. Based on the 4 years showrunner Adam Protextor spent working at the iconic local institution Toy Joy (also the primary filming location for the show), Wind-Ups follows a cast of six core characters as they navigate interpersonal relationships, growing older, and figuring out what comes next, all while working at an independent toy store. Breaking traditional structure, Wind-Ups’ season 1 arc is told over six episodes, each set on a different major holiday over the course of one calendar year. Wind-Ups is currently in post-production in Los Angeles following a successful Indiegogo campaign and on location shoot. 


Stephanie Thoreson, Ashlee Jordan Pryor-Pitluk,

Adam Protextor, Nathan Sowell, Devon Coleman


Kenah Benefield, Ryan Darbonne, Haley Alea Erickson,

Yamina Khouane, Adam Protextor, Stephanie Thoreson

You Are in a Video Store

You Are in a Video Store

Watch live on Twitch (Tuesdays at 5 PT/7 CT)

Watch archive on YouTube

Part talk show, part interactive, You Are in a Video Store is a weekly Twitch stream dedicated to every film lover who misses the conversation, camaraderie, and community of their local movie shop. Whether you want to hop in the chat to join the Movie Club conversation, ask for a recommendation, or just sit back and listen, our Video Store is an inclusive and omnivorous space for all your "I can't wait to talk about this" needs.

Produced in partnership with UltraLoop.

RPG: Rappers Playing Games

Watch now on YouTube

Presented in partnership with Game Over Videogames, RPG: Rappers Playing Games is a let's play/talk show hybrid where Protextor sits down with rappers and hosts a freeform interview while they play a retro game of their choosing.

Miss the days of sitting on a couch and playing multiplayer with friends?

Join us as we delve into the world of  classic, rare and impossibly hard games from NES to PS2 and talk about anything and everything.

Listen to a playlist of guests' music on Spotify here:

Slumber Party Club

Slumber Party Club

Watch now on YouTube

Slumber Party Club is a sleepover like no other. Hosts Adam, Jonah, and Stephanie explore feelings of nostalgia and excitement as they wax poetic about 90's pop culture, food, fashion, and more.  Each episode they invite over their comedian friends to stay up late and party.  Watch as they play games, improvise songs, make discoveries, have soda-fueled conversations, and so much more. Tune in to Slumber Party Club for unexpected insight, riotous fun, and plenty of variety, and don't forget to GET SOME SLEEP! 



A la carte production services, editing, and rentals.

Contact us at roar [at] babylionstudios [dot] com.

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